Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Plantlyte HYDRO TECH Metal Halide Pendant With its space age fan-less design, the Plantlyte High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide Pendant runs cooler and produces 25% more light output more than any other compact metal halide system available. Made in the U.S using anodized aluminum which is then powder coated, these pendants look as good as they perform. Only 15 […]
Plantlyte TWIN-ARC The Plantlyte TWIN-ARC metal halide lamp is one of the most exciting new developments in hydroponic lighting in almost a decade. The Plantlyte TWIN-ARC metal halide lamp is not only the most innovative lamp available it is also the most energy efficient and economical.
Plantlyte MULTI-ARC HPS The Plantlyte Multi Arc High Pressure Sodium lamp is one of the most promising developments in commercial lighting in over a decade.
Plantlyte LUMINARY The Plantlyte LUMINARY Series offers specialty lamps designed to meet the needs of aquaculture and hydroponic systems.

Welcome to Plantlyte

Plantlyte, a division of Illumination Technology, offers clients real solutions for their everyday lighting needs. Whether you are looking for lamps and service components or a manufacturer for you next project, we have the expertise and capabilities to address your needs.

Based in the USA our parent company Illumination Technology has been supplying OEM manufactures with lamps and components for well over a decade.  Due to a growing demand for solid state lighting solutions Illumination Technology created Plantlyte to offer their services to the general public. 

So whether you are looking for a new lighting vendor, or you are a new start up company, give us a call and put our team of lighting experts to work for you. 

At Plantlyte, innovation is our livelyhood and professional service a standard.