Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Plantlyte HYDRO TECH

Metal Halide Pendant

With its space age fan-less design, the Plantlyte High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide Pendant runs cooler and produces 25% more light output more than any other compact metal halide system available. Made in the U.S using anodized aluminum which is then powder coated, these pendants look as good as they perform. Only 15 inches long by 8 inches wide by 4.75 inches high this ultra compact fixture requires no special cooling to operate. A high luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) makes the Plantlyte High Presuure Sodium/ Metal Halide when combined with our high efficiency ballast, just as efficient to operate as comparable T5 and LED based lighting systems.

Wattage Base Dimensions Type
70 watts 15” x 8.75” x 4.5” Double Ended &
Single Ended
150/175 watts
250 watts
400 watts

Higher wattages available up to 1000 watts

LED Supplement

Designed to be used with our Metal Halide Pendant System, and available up to 8 feet in length, these are also available separately in Full spectrum white, Hyper Red and Blue spectrum. They are great for use with small or large grow installations.


Digitally Controlled Self Diagnostic Solid State Metal Halide Ballast

This energy saving, water tight solid state High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide ballast will provide years of maintenance-free use at an operating cost less than other ballasts on the market. The built in microprocessor continuously monitors your lighting system to keep it operating at its optimal performance.

Model Input Voltage Input Current Input Power Power Factor
150/175 Watts 100-150 & 240 VAC (universal operating voltage of) 1.55A/1.5A 185 Watts >0.98
250 Watts 2.20A/2.02A 262 Watts
400 Watts 3.55A/3.26A 412 Watts

Higher wattage ballasts available call for sizes and pricing.

Plantlyte TWIN-ARC

The Plantlyte TWIN-ARC metal halide lamp is one of the most exciting new developments in hydroponic lighting in almost a decade. The Plantlyte TWIN-ARC metal halide lamp is not only the most innovative lamp available it is also the most energy efficient and economical.


The Plantlyte Multi Arc High Pressure Sodium lamp is one of the most promising developments in commercial lighting in over a decade.

Plantlyte LUMINARY

The Plantlyte LUMINARY Series offers specialty lamps designed to meet the needs of aquaculture and hydroponic systems.