Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Plantlyte LUMINARY

The Plantlyte LUMINARY Series offers specialty lamps designed to meet the needs of aquaculture and hydroponic systems.

In today’s age of solid state lighting it is getting harder and harder to find quality metal halide, high pressure sodium, and fluorescent based commercial and scientific lamps. As a leading designer and manufacturer of solid state lighting Plantlyte understands the importance of providing customers with continued support of existing light technologies.

Because we design and manufacture our own lamps we offer a variety of lamp styles and custom design lamps for specialty lighting applications.  Plantlyte luminary series lamps offer quality, reliability, and value.  With expert service and support Plantlyte is the one stop solution for all of your commercial and scientific lamp needs.

Wattage Lamp Type
150/175 HQI/Single ended Mogul
250 HQI/Single ended Mogul
400 HQI/Single ended Mogul
1000 HQI/Single ended Mogul


Length Wattage
24″ 24
36″ 39
48″ 54


High Output
Available in Square & Straight Pin

FDA Warning: These metal halide lamps can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation from short wave ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punched. Do not use where people will remain for more than a few minutes unless adequate shielding or other safety precautions are used. Certain lamps that will automatically extinguish when the outer envelope is broken or punctured are commercially available. This lamp complies with FDA radiation performance standard 21 CFR subchapter J. (USA-21CFR 14.30 Canada:SOR/DORS/80-381). For more information, visit the FDA’s website.